Wanted: lcd tv

    Looking for an LCD tv for £100 or less.
    Have seen one on ebuyer for £99.99 but if anyone can beat that then i would be greatful.

    Conditions are: must be a minimum of 15 inches, have a scart input, composite input and a headphone socket so i can use my speakers, a pc input would be a bonus if possible.…572 this is the one on ebuyer i like the look of and with the free postage offer this weekend it looks pretty unbeatable,


    If you can either pay the extra £4.95 delivery or collect I can highly reccomend the Acoustic Solutions 15" tv at argos - scart, composite, headphone, dvi. Looks superb too.

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    Cheers for the reccomendation.
    It's a bit of a coinsidence really that i am currently bidding on one of these on ebay in the hope that i could pick one up within my budget.

    what about the argos acoustic solutions 15inch dont know if they still have it

    ^ I suggested that, and stock is dependant on location of course.

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    Unfortunately it has gone back up to £129.99, looks like i was a little too late on this one

    I ordered the one from ebuyer posted here last weekend. Should arrive monday. I'll let you know…573

    for the extra this appears worth it.

    17 incher for a tenner more.

    dont forget quidco for a whopping 0.1% cash back. kerrrrrrching.

    Terminals Video In RF x 1

    AV x 1

    S-Video : 4-pin DIN x 1

    D-Sub 15 x 1

    Audio In L/R RCA- for S-Video/ AV1x1

    PC Audio in 3.5mm Jack:x1

    Headphone out 3.5mm jackx1

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    Just got one off ebay that i was bidding on, the exact same on as in the argos deal so it has the dvi port etc. on it but cost me £93.76 including postage so i even saved a bit on the argos bargain price.:thumbsup:

    Wasn't too keen on buying the ebuyer one as it didn't really have enough specs about it, e.g. being able to display 720p if it can, even though ebuyer are a top notch company.

    Congrats! Let us know what it's like!
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