WANTED - Looking for basic DVD Player for elderly mum.

    Looking to buy a simple but reasonable branded quality DVD player for my elderly mum for Christmas (no supermarket own brands).

    Doen't need to be overladen with features because it would simply confuse her and she would never use them.

    She will be watching it through her HD Ready 26" Panasonic LCD TV so HDMI or Scart connections will be fine.

    A clear, well laid out remote with good sized buttons is probably the essential requirement. Resume play would also be preferred.

    Any help with suggested models and pointers to somewhere that is doing it for a good price would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.


    I would suggest Toshiba Sd1010Kb Dvd Player - £25.00 @ Asda. (R+C)

    You can also have a look at the Xenta one @ Ebuyer. (£15.98)

    Original Poster

    Cheers. Picked up a Toshiba SD390 for £23 in my local Tesco; only one left. Although a now obsolete model had good reviews so well chuffed.
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