wanted-maxi micro scooter t bar deal online

    cheapest posted deal wanted-tbar type. thank you

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    jo jo maman bebe sell both type and there is 15% off at present - occassionally there is a 20% code flying about. Alternatively you can buy direct from micro-scooters - spare parts for the old scooter - to spruce it up - you can change the rubber handles, brakes and board, as well as other bits. I think there is a free p+p code about - if you cant find online, give them a call and mention you received it in a mailing. We have both scooters, my 6 year old prefers his brothers smaller one, as he can do more tricks - we have since brought the stunt bar handle (not t-bar) and he prefers this - to be honest I think (unless he is a really big 4) I would stick with the smaller one, much more fun to use (and not so heavy - too!)
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