wanted media converter

    Hi all i was wandering if anyone can help me please.

    I am looking for a media converter to change video formats from AVI to xvid divx and so on. But the ones i try keep saying it will take hours and days to convert. Does anyone know of converters that will take no longer than an hour to convert.

    I have tried AVS, quick media converter, xilisoft, winavi.

    Thank you


    an avi file is a container (much like mkv)
    Xvid is a codec based on MPEG-4
    same for Divx except Xvid is free and the more popular choice.
    as for speed to convert that will mainly be your PC spec than anything else and of cource length of video file.


    the good ones all take about the same lenght to convert in my experience

    I use xvid4psp which converts a 2 hour divx film to mp4 / psp etc in 30 minutes


    I expect your PC isnt up to the job if some say days lol

    I use this and its fantastic hope its what your after Click Here
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