Wanted - Mobile Phone Deals

    I am about to get a contract phone, not too bothered about what network it is etc.

    I want 300+ minutes and as many texts as possible ( 500+, up to 1000)

    I dont want to spend anything over £20ish, but cheaper the better.

    Anyone know any good deals??


    Go through quidco onto three network and get 1100 mins/texts for £20 per month. Reccomend a freind and you both get £30 credit on your bill. (Ill be your freind lol)
    £62.50 quidco cashback too.…le/

    orange do one for thirty a month. 500 x net mins, unlimited text, and 3 hours a day free mins to three seleted orange mobiles. plus get a free phone and wii, or xbox360, or ps3 etc.

    we now have a wii and an xbox360, plus we got better deals on our mobiles than we were offered on our previous networks

    Get a Sim only deal with Vodafone - £20 = 500mins unlimited sms - £90 quidco and use an existing phone. Otherwise they're offering £130 quidco on a full handset contract
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