Wanted: Mobile phone for £20 or less

    Right guys, I know this is a bit of an ask but I am looking for a decent mobile phone for £20 or under. I had ordered one of the Motorola v3 phones from Orange for £19.99 but the lovely monkeys cancelled my order a few days later!. I am not interested in the Motorola F3 though. Please help :thumbsup:


    Nokia 1112 - can't go wrong there

    £14.99 at woolworths or Nokia 1600

    :thumbsup: Asda - Alcatel With Camera - £5.00

    You Can Buy 4!!


    :thumbsup: Asda - Alcatel With Camera - £5.00You Can Buy 4!!

    Not available anymore...

    Original Poster

    Got one sorted now, although upped my budget to £40 lol.
    Thanks to evryone for their help, I have given you all rep
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