Wanted modded/chipped PS2

Found 10th Jan 2009
Am looking for a modded/chipped PS2 for my sons birthday, has anyone got one for sale or know anyone that has?
Please get in touch if you can help
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Does it have to be a PS2 ?????

I have an xbox (not the 360) that is modded and with it loads of games, (not counted but i'm guessing close to 100 easy)
Games are backup copies, so will let you try the game out before you choose to buy it to keep in with copyright laws.

It is the mod that you can turn on/off so if you have the original version you can turn the mod off and play online if that is what you want to do.

Games are just on DVD disks, not with covers, but on a spindle.

Let me know if you or anyone out there wants to make any offers, postage could be high I guess, but not sure.
PS - it has 3-4 controllers, 2 of them are wireless.
Thread locked as this is a Deal Request Thread (for new items from Retailers) & offers cannot be posted here. If you would like to buy the item from another HUKD member then please start a thread in the FS/T Forum. Also note that dealing by PM is not allowed on HUKD. Thanks :thumbsup:

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