wanted: more infor on R4DS etc etc

    Bearing in mind I been working with computers for years I've never taken notice of games consoles. just not my thing.
    my lass bought herself a turquiose DSlite
    her mate tells her that she needs an R4 then she can use it to play mps and movies without needing to take her laptop all over with her.

    whats the short and curlies of it all.
    Cos I started looking on google and just wanted someone to cut to the chase and tell me whats the best card and where to get it from and if poss, some intructions.



    ask thesaint, he helped me with the same sort of thing, but i dont know enough to explain to you. If no luck here pm him

    It is possible but I wouldn't advise it, the sound output from a DS is terrible. Tried it and gave up because of this.

    That should give you sum pointers :thumbsup:

    All of the cards for the NDS are similar, in that they do much the same thing. [url][/url] tends to be the cheapest place to buy them. You can read the reviews for the different cards there. Different people will have different ideas about which is best.

    On the r4ds card if your wanting to watch films you will have to download batch dpg converter which you can get free just google it. its agood program because it compresses and coverts so for example a normal 700mb film download will compress to about 200mb thus saving you memory card space.
    There is so much you can do on these cards ive got an ipod clone a super nes emulator a sega master system emulator an amstrad cpc464 emulator etc. You can even use your ds as a sype phone! if you dont believe just look it up on you tube. If you want anymore info on anything just pm me.

    Check out the simple and useful comparison for R4DS Version 2, R4DS Version 3 and DSTT:…tml

    R4's & DSTT is now illegal in this country following a judges ruling. However if you check places such as alibaba you will be able to source them for pennies. Basically all it is is a cartridge which slots in the ds & allows you to boot downloaded, illegal roms. You have to make sure that you buy the correct one as there is one for the dsi & the ds
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