Wanted: MP3 Player

    I had one of those 2gb Sony MP3 players. Was fine, until someone decided to pry open my car door last night and steal it. Luckily they didn't smash my windows!

    That said, I now need a new MP3 player. The only things I need from it are:

    1) fairly quick to skip tracks.
    2) at least 1gb.
    3) all the usual features like shuffle, etc.
    4) has a 3.5mm port, not a 2.5mm one.

    If anyone has one that they know of then please let me know. I am not looking to spend an awful lot though, probably around the same or less than the Sony one which was £17.99 at Play.




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    Forgot to mention a couple of other things I'd like:

    5) easy drag and drop to add/remove music
    6) and LCD screen, no matter how small.

    What phone do you have? You could buy a cheapish card for it and use that..?

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    I have a good phone but I'd rather an MP3 player.

    check out this latest thrad now, from argos.. sony 8gb half price.. looks ok

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    martyn... eh? Which one?

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    Oh I see it, don't want to spend that much though!

    sorry to hear someone stole it mate.

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    Thanks Ben.

    I've got a sony purple player 2gb (from play)
    Not really used too much (used as more of a spare/usb thumb drive)
    No headphones - £10 delivered.

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    MoneySavingG, could I see a picture or model number please?


    NW-E005 is the model number. It's in the car right now but if you want I can get it out and take some pics 2moro.

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    MSG, I am interested, just one thing - do you have to use SonicStage or can you drag and drop?

    Please reply in this sale/wanted thread:…921

    This one was deal request, slightly different. Thanks!
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