Wanted - MP3 Player with Radio <£50

    If anyone knows where i can get one of these for around 50 quid and that has a good amount of Gb's please tell me.


    [SIZE=2]Is 4GB or 5GB is good amount ? [/SIZE]

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    yea thats a good amount

    Yeh makes sure you get a digital radio as when they turn off the normal radio an old system will be useless

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    thanks sigma and dandoc2 !! Nice deal there, i like the DAB option. I'll keep my options open and wait for edi to reply back aswell…tml

    I got this a couple of weeks ago, a 2gb card costs about £7 from amazon, 3gb player with a suprisingly clear radio and very good batery life.

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    Check there and


    just browse around and then google the make and model number when you've decvcided for feedback.
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