Wanted: Mug with ticky boxes

I've seen people with these in various places I've worked and really want a one for myself.

Its a normal mug but printed on the side are options like tes, coffee, milk, no milk, no sugar, 1 sugar etc

cant find one anywhere!

anyone know where I can get a one?


Oh well done banana79, that's about the only place i could find as well

Original Poster

oooo those ones look canny in turns of getting the colour correct but I really want the one where you indicate sugar etc so that when Im on the phone I dont get missed out when people are doing the round! rep given though!



Cool find... bookmarked for future gift ideas, thanks :thumbsup:

or this one at ]zazzle
Not as pretty as the ones above though - and quite pricey

They sell them in dunelm-mill cant see them online but where in store as I brought one for when I visit my sister.
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