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    i am saving up 4 a netbook laptop. I will pay anythin below around £200 might scrimp a bit higher i dont care what make it is as long as its got a big enough memory 4 me to hold my itunes music and downloads on utorrent[120 gb or 160gb]. It would be best with a webcam if possible but not needed tbh. 8.9 inch screen or more i would like if possible. This is my first post so dont be harsh cos i have not reli looked how much they are the netbooks just see what they have. btw i will pay online or ebay thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    soz i meant 120gb - 160gb hard drive

    acer aspire one is great

    i have 120gb linux version

    dunno about i-tunes though? i hate that software and wouldn't touch it with a shirty stick

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    ok thnx a lot guys but is linux good and will the acer one use windowns live messenger and where is that one cheapest?

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    an 1 more thing if you might not be able to use itunes does anyone know if i can use windows media player and flash


    i really don't know about windows programs - but there are a lot of media playrrs that work fine with linux

    i use vlc - plays everything that gets chucked at it

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    ok good to kno how much is that netbook

    asda had it for £150 - dunno what sort of stock are left in the country tho - you'd better ring around

    other places like amazon have it around £190 or so

    i paid about £215 around 6 months ago

    oh, btw it has it's own messenger software and a load of other stuffalready preloaded

    plus it has a webcam - i don't use it though

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    kool thats great i will have a look on asda website now tar
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