WANTED - New Laptop

    Morning all,

    It's time for me to take the plung to buy a new laptop.

    I don't need anyhing top end, prefer XP, Sims 2 will probably the 'heaviest' game played on the LT but would like to go a little higher on the graphics card just in case. RPGs etc will NEVER be played however.

    Hard disk size is not too important as my current Compaq Presario 2100 still half a disk empty but after 6 years it's beginning to show its age and the screen is beginning to jump up from the bottom of the screen almost contstanly now.

    Would like a decent RAM to keep the speed of the machine up as this thing drags likes mad even when I'm only surfing on 2 pages (Karoo broadband after all ;-)). I hardly ever download and the machine is used 99% of the time for web browsing/shopping and office work.

    Budget is as low as you can get it please. Plan is to keep it static most of the time but it would be nice to go wireless (as I have an unused router). The LT will never leave the house however. Battery size/weight/looks are not too much of an issue either but a nice screen would be a bonus.

    May I ask you IT specialists to have a think about it and if you can be bothered please relay your thoughts to this message and I will be eternally grateful.

    Happy to by in stote or on lime.

    Much thanks for your time and attention.

    Digger (RN 85 - 06)


    RPGs tend to be low-specced in general, and with fourth edition around the corner I would imagine most RPG developers will try and avoid making their customers buy expensive hardware at the same time. FPS games tend to be the demanding ones.

    What size monitor do you have at the moment and what resolution is it set to?

    Also, if you're doing office work will you be plugging a seperate keyboard/mouse in or does the laptop need to have a good keyboard itself?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for reply EW.

    I do currently have a sepearte keyboard and mouse plugged in and I'm reasonably happy with that set-up (apart from I don't have any USB ports left), probably coz I'm so used to it.

    Current screen size is 14' (measured bottom righ to top left) and my current settings are 1024 X 768 and 32 bit
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