Wanted: New MP3 player

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Found 29th Apr 2009
Got a Sansa fuze, like it alot but looking for something better.

It should take micro sd cards, and have a fm radio.

Anyone know any good brands, or people who sell these.


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My original MP3 player, the Sansa e130 was en excellent player. It has radio, an SD slot, and very good sound quality. It is still working perfectly to this day after several years of service.

The Sansa e130

As I was so happy with the original Sansa e130 player I replaced it a few years later with a Sansa View. However the View is a different kettle of fish and I have been very dissapointed with it from day 1, so much so that i doubt I'll ever buy a Sansa model again. There were various firmware problems from the outset. It would frequently lock up, it would not decode some of my MP3 files properly and I would get 3/4 mins of silence (other players would play all files OK). I have never managed to get video files working on it.

Now when I connect it via USB to the Laptop (or any other computer) it causes the USB hub to report an overload and cut out, so once the battery has now died, it looks like I'm left with an expensive and hardly used paperwieght.

The Sansa View

So although I can't recommend one for you, I can advise you don't go for the Sansa View. It is a blemish on Sansa's history in my eyes.
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