WANTED : NICE GREY BELT - for wedding

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Found 3rd Mar 2009

My matey is getting married in a few weeks, and he got a grey suit, with grey shoes... now he's sturggling to find a nice grey leather belt... Anyone know of where i can find one.. it needs to be sorta posh, and nice.. and a max price of £45...

Can anyone help him please....

(sorry if this is int he wrong section.. wor sure where to popp this)


never seen grey leather belts, i always see men just wearing a thin black one

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i seen a few on the armarni site, but that like £130... £90 too much.. lol...

yer. its pretty hard to find any isnt it...

Tried kilt or suit hire shops??? :thumbsup:

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im looking online at the moment for him.. its his wedding.. he can go round the shops lol...

any online retailers?

There are lots on ebay,just type in grey leather belt and click on mens down the left hand side

If it doesn't have to be leather theres a cheap one at Topman


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This ones more … This ones more [email protected]]https://www.box-clothing.co.uk/mens-1/accessories-11/belts-30/g-star-raw-denim-123072.htm

repp added... cheers.. i like that, but i like tha fact you reminded me that topman, next and riverisland all do belts even more!! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

You've got lots of ideas now so i'm sure you'll find one:thumbsup:

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cheers guys.. i saw one in riverisland (cheers to deb8z especially for reminding me of these retailers) its product code 237935.. my mate loves it.. but now is in two minds to get it cus i just shown him the one LJC79 suggested...

You Guys and Gals rock!!!


Isn't that one at RI black though?
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