Wanted : Nintendo DS Homebrew info

    I'm looking for some info on how to run homebrew on a nintendo DS Lite.
    I had a psp up until a few months ago running Dark Alex firmware but I'm finding it a little more difficult to locate info on doing this kind of thing to a DS.

    it will be a DS Lite (haven't bought one yet, planning on researching first)
    I'm looking to use it on my commute to work and stuff so I just want a quick dummies guide to playing downloaded games on one.

    anyone have any links?


    You need a flash cart like M3.

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    You should have posted this in the random forum btw.

    You'll want a CycloDS Evolution card. [url][/url] for info. I'm pretty sure they have info of where to buy it in the forums. I spent around £35 for mine, although you'll need to buy a separate micro SD card for memory.

    I hope this helps

    Original Poster

    oops, sorry....but for the is a wanted, and it's not so random :giggle:

    ive sent u a pm arcs

    Original Poster


    Does the CycloDS still need a passme ?

    Original Poster

    Spark - I've flashed my 360 and downgraded my PSP, I even installed Hello World on an iPhone for someone..and yet
    "Does the CycloDS still need a passme ?"
    has me totally confused lol

    Don't be, basically a passme is like a normal cart that goes in the DS slot and forces the machine to boot from the GBA port which is where most of the flash cards go.

    I think a lot of the newer generation of flash carts actually go directly into the DS slot though so obviously then you don't need one.

    Original Poster

    ahh I see.
    I was just reading up on the M3 Simply. sounds liek the same thing but all in one DS sized cart.....I think

    A lot of the newer ones are, they're easier to use too.

    i have the m3 simply and its really easy....just drag some files off the cd onto a memory card then some roms and ur sorted...the m3 simply wont play gba roms tho

    Original Poster

    just reading up on the "R4" allows movies and mp3's too....wonder if this is better than the M3

    Hey arc- Yeah you need a card- I have the M3 Simply it works a treat- I'm playing Zelda phantom hour glass (in japanese) now! You can get them here ]http//ww…377

    Is phantom hourglass any good ?


    just reading up on the "R4" allows movies and mp3's too....wonder if this … just reading up on the "R4" allows movies and mp3's too....wonder if this is better than the M3

    The are very similar and both allow you to watch movies listen to music. I heard somewhere that they are manufactured by the same company.

    i cant wait for phantom hourglass, wind waker was a great game


    Is phantom hourglass any good ?

    The latest Edge give the game 9/10 - it looks excellent.

    Wind waker was great, Twilight Princess was even better.

    Yeah phantom hourglass is darn good but is near impossible to play when you can't read japanese! The best thing about these cards (M3-R4 etc) is that you can play the games as soon as they come out- I've been playing Pokemon since it's u.s. release! So I would def recommend!

    r4 and M3 are technically same card with different firmware as you can alter a few filenames to convert the 2

    go for the r4 they have updates quite frequently and its probably the cheapest and also well known.

    Original Poster

    would the fact I use a mac cause any issues with either of these cards?
    or are they just drag n drop

    Moved to misc forum... nothing is for sale...

    I use something called a DS-xtreme there awesome just plug it into the DS game slot and connect via usb to your pc and drag the games across, it boots to its own menu and you can just select which game you want from that also you can have a funky LED light show when your playing music on it :w00t: check it out here ]http//ww…ome

    Original Poster

    the DS-Xtreme looks like a nice idea, but at £60 plus shipping for 2gb none expandable seems excessive.
    you can get an M3 for £25 plus a 2gb card for £15.
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