WANTED: Nintendo Star Points

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for Nintendo star points, which you get in any nintendo published games/consoles. Each one comes with a little scratch card which is kinda like a Tesco Clubcard but for nintendo.

    If anyone has any of these that they dont want they would be greatfully received, or if you collect them yourself and have codes you cant use (you can only register most games once) then I have codes that I am willing to trade for equivalent number of stars. Codes to trade are:

    Mario 64DS 250 stars GONE
    Mario Kart DS 250 stars
    Mario Kart Wii 250 stars
    Wii sports 1000 stars (I think)
    Wii console 1000 stars
    Wii Fit 350 stars
    1 month XBOX live code


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    Just want to add to this, I will swap 1 month on xbox live for 1900ish pts!

    I have some points...Want Mario 64 points, will always be up for trades!

    Off top of my head have Brain Training DS, Professor Layton, Super Mario Galaxy...


    Moved to correct forum as these are 'free' items.

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    Dont know if you check your pm's.

    I'll swap you Mario 64ds for Professor layton?

    Original Poster

    Code sent via PM

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    Mario 64ds code gone, rest still up for trade aswell as the 1month on live

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    I only need 1000 pts now, so I'm willing to swap the lot for 1000 pts worth of codes that I havent previously registered!

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    Also got WII Fit up for trade now

    I have a spare Wii Sports Resort code (250 points) which I'd like to swap for Mario Kart DS code (definitely worth 250?).




    wii sports isnt 1000 points, think its 150 or 250 at the most


    wii sports isnt 1000 points, think its 150 or 250 at the most

    I think you don' t usually get the points for Wii Sports any way. You just get 1000 or so for the console bundle (including the game). I don't know anyone who was able to get points for both their console AND Wii Sports, despite having both cards. :?
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