wanted nintendo Wii

A friend of mine is after two wii's for his kids, ive noticed that alot of places these are out of stock atm, so anybody know a good place to get one or perhaps a bundle deal.


In stock here

I've ordered one from there, just so you know the wait time is up to 28 days, they advised me of delays when I rang up and ordered. So I'd use this as a backup maybe.


all instructions in English and a 2 year warranty to boot.

how from .de?

cant order from studio i need to phone more than £150

i got one from game about a month ago . came by courier the next day used (quidco) too.

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the site is in german, is it ok to order from them?

and what about power supply is it the same?

Gamestation are reportedly going to have stock at 10.30 this AM.
Stock is strictly limited to one per order and on a first come first served basis.

There are 6 bundles available:-
][COLOR=#0068cf]Wii Console + Wii Sports plus ANY 3 Wii Games - £279.99[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#0068cf]Wii Console + Wii Sports plus ANY 4 Wii Games - £299.99[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#0068cf]Wii Console + Wii Sports plus 3 Selected Wii Games - £259.99[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#0068cf]Wii Console + Wii Sports plus 4 Selected Wii Games - £279.99[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#0068cf]Wii Console + Wii Sports, 1GB SD Card, Ninja Bread Man, Big Brain Academy + Super Paper Mario - £249.99[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#0068cf]Wii Console + Wii Sports, 1GB SD Memory Card, Legend of Zelda, Splinter Cell + Extra Wireless Remote - £249.99[/COLOR]

You will need to be quick as this stock is sure not to last long with the current Christmas rush. Suggest that you decide which deal you would like and then complete the registration process with your personal details beforehand. This will give you the best chance of getting your order confirmed before stock runs out.

I rang studio twice....1st time they said no i couldnt order as above £150 and a new customer. The second time it was fine and I ordered two (one for my little bro, one for my aunt). Dont know whats up with that...but you could keep ringing till you get through to the nice woman i talked to


Gamestation are reportedly going to have stock at 10.30 this AM.

looks like the website is being hit heavily

In stock at GAME as well now - all gone from game

been going in and out of stock all morning - £179.95 inc for basic package at ]Dixons

I've hopefully managed to get one

Last week I looked in every high street shops that I could think of in Torbay, Exeter and Plymouth and finally found one in our local Sainsburys in Newton abbot, so it might worth checking your local Sainsburys. Any way while I was looking most of the shops told me, the new batch are due end of this week or early next week, however some of their allocation is already spoken for as some shops been taking order even though they had non in stock.

they are coming online in dribs and drabs, game are back in stock again,

Best to have wii-consoles.co.uk/wii…asp open

amazon have stock now at 12:40
edit: sorry didn`t notice the dispatched within 13 days bit.

i got mine by checking this site:


Woolworths should be getting some on thursday (around 1500) which will go online after 6pm.
If you want the extra 10% on these you need to ring up a store and add your name on a list and they can then ring you.
If you have any problems with getting in contact with a store, pm me with name and contact no. + store you want delivered too and I will get my store to ring you on Thursday to do the order.
(with the 10% off)


PC world are reported to have them in certain stores, order online for collect in store only (none near me though)

RE woolworths i went into my local store yesterday - they have a waiting list of 15, but the girl behind the counter said the wiis that come into store are allocated to the waiting list, but if they see any on the system they can order more in - i asked if the system was what appears on the website and she said yes. If true i think the best bet would be to get your name down on an instore list (and get the 10%)

i used the link that harib put in before been using it for 3 days now and just managed to get one from game u need to just keep trying it honestly ur patience will pay of mine did now i will have one very happy boy on xmas morning

]Dixons in stock now

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damn missed all of them

Here's another site that does automatic stock checking against many stores.

Helped one of my work colleagues get one today.


i have one for sale with 2 wiimotes and 4 games looking for 220

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i have one for sale with 2 wiimotes and 4 games looking for 220

do you have a forsale ad, as stated its not for me but a friend who wants two for his kids for crimbo.


are you intrested then

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well more info would be nice, what games have you got and how old is the console and do you have a reciept for warrenty and is it boxed.

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are you intrested then

seen your list on another thread, thanks but will give it a miss :thumbsup:

game have them this afternoon apparently

oops not now they havent
out of stock again


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oops not now they havent out of stock againsorry

everytime i get home from work everywhere is out of stock again


will sell for cex value £268 a wii 2wiimotes 1 nunchuck g1 jockey wiiplay wiisports and mario strikers looking for quick sal pm me

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Thanks but there are bundle deals out there for the same money and in stock at game now.

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lots of bundles in stock but none of the bundles that are for a young kid.


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Service Unavailable


Service Unavailable

i've just tried and it worked.

just try going on to the website then

softuk shopping basket unavailable here as well? just my luck been looking for wii all week!
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