WANTED: Nokia 6233 or 6234 in Reasonable Condition !!!!!!!

    I am looking for a cheap nokia 6233 or 6234 in reasonable condition, it can have a little bit scratches which are replaceable with a new case. Doesn't matter which network it is on because you can get them unlocked.

    Just tell me the price you want for it and i will tell you if it is OK or you ask me to make you an offer.

    Thank you



    I have a 6233, locked to 3.

    The back slider of the case is scratched, so would be better replaced, apart from that it is in excellent condition.

    What sort of price you looking to pay?

    Original Poster Banned

    i will need a new original case for around £15 and i will need to get it unlocked for £10 so i was looking at a cheap price

    Let me help, I am just about to send it to for £34, so I would be looking for £40 for it.


    Original Poster Banned are giving:

    a cash value of £19.04


    Argos vouchers of £21.89

    so how are you going to get £34 for the mobile phone. Click on the following link if you dont believe me:
    select nokia and then click on 6233

    Im also after a 6233 if anyone has 1 please let me know thanks!
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