Wanted: Nokia N90 contract

    My partner is after this mobile, but the other deal hunters on this site are far more "au fait" with mobile issues than I am, so I'll get all your expert help.

    [SIZE=2]He's after the Nokia N90 handset.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Current contract details: 500 x-net mins, with 100 texts. His rental is £30 per month, but it was totally free after cashback. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]He'd love something similar, if not better. He doesn't mind about cashback, but it would be nice if it was available. He would prefer a 12 month contract, but 18 months maybe feasible. Any network is fine, as long as there are cross nnet mins included.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Any ideas? [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Thanks for he[/SIZE][SIZE=2]lping. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]P.S. If the N90 is not available, he might step down to the N80.[/SIZE]


    Okay then Emma... ready to cringe at some prices?? lol. You should tell him to settle with the K750i, hehe.

    The Mobile Shop (who I know you've had good experience with in the past) have it on o2 400 + 100 texts (12 month contract). Simply 400 x-net mins and 100 texts per month.

    It's charged at £45 per month. (!) (Can I ask what network you were on before??)

    The offer with the N90 is £150 cashback. This brings the overall cost for the year down to £390... still £32.50 per year. The N90 handset is free.

    Meanwhile they have an offer on the N80. That's 9 months half price line rental, a saving of £203. This prings the cost for they year down to £337.50. That's £28.13 per month after the cashback.

    Purchase via for £32.50 extra cashback!! Remember to clear cookies.

    Click here for the N80.
    Click here for the N90.

    Original Poster

    Thanks be to duck.

    The N90 is too dear, but he really wants it. That deal for the N80 sounds reasonable enough. I'll have a chat with him about the K750i though, I know a lot of people on here recommend it too. Thanks for searching Ducko!
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