Wanted: One and half inch hose pipe 2 to 3 feet long

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Found 12th Apr 2011
Hi Guys,

Has one have a One and half inch hose pipe 2 to 3 feet long.
Need it to unblock a air buble in the cold water tap.
Tried draining the system but didn't work, last year a plumber fixed same fault with using this hose pipe - hot water forced into the cold water tap.

Can't see any at B and Q, even asked at the dump.
Will cover postage or if you want more that ok too.
Say 3 pound (to keep with the rules)

Thanks for looking.


not the right size but may still work ..providing you have a tap adapter to right size for hot tap.
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A suggestion- put a hose pipe on one end, try and make it a tight seal as possible and then let it run on full.

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i used standard garden hose with the old style tap connectors on each end

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Hi Guy/ U all,

Thanks for your advise on this and link.
Hoping to just buy one. The B+Q one is just a little too small.

2 of these with a length of 1/2" hose between the 2. just a thought is it your kitchen tap thats airlocked cos if it is it's highly unlikely the hot tap will suffice shifting it.

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Hi Broxy,
Thanks gotten 2 of them on flea bay. +THANKS

Do you have a mixer tap in the kitchen and is cold water coming out of it?
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