wanted - one of the b&q discount cards to use throughout october

hiya would anyone have a spare one of these to get 10% off throughout October. I have a new kitchen to buy next month amonsgt other things and would be handy to have one. Was going to go tomorrow and spend £50 to get one however been told now it was last day today to get one.

Does anyone have a spare? would glady cover postage, would gladly pay the postage, might cover the extra diesel i wil go through having to travel to the store which is miles away as ours has been closed for 3 months for a refurb (the one literally at the bottom of the rd)



is it not homebase that are doing this?

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is it not homebase that are doing this?

nope :oops: well they might be doing it too? haven't got one of those anymore though.

if you dont get one it might be worth while going into B&q and saying u had one and lost it....we genuinley lost ours the last time they done that promo and the manager let us have another one just have an idea in mind of what u could say u actually purchased to get one incase they as qs, they'll prob give u one no probs

if you are getting the kitchen designed and ordered through the showrooms department they will probably just give you the discount off the order anyway. im pretty sure all the cards will have the same discount card number on them. therefore the showrooms team will have a slip with the generic card details on to put into the computer. just get it all designed then umm and arr about the price and tell them if you had one of the 10% cards youd buy straight away. im sure they will give in iff anything like my store. also if your getting flooring or anything else, add it all to the order at the same time! hth.
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