Wanted: PAYG Sim with Unlimited Internet

    Looking to switch from O2. Need unlimited internet for my iPhone. Can anyone link to any sim offers which provide internet (even with topup?)



    There is an o2 pay&go tarrif that if you Top up £15 or more you get both unlimited UK text messages and unlimited web access for a month, --- ]Text & Web

    I currently have the version that gives your unlimited o2 calls and texts as I am still in my first year and get internet free on my iphone. Will be switching to the above when year is up...

    Hope this helps

    t-mobile also do a similar deal, topup £10 a month and get unlimited calls and texts

    Tesco do a £2 a week internet deal, asda do 20p per mb, and virgin have 30p a day(up to 25mb)
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