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    Hi, I am after a good PC base unit that can play games smoothly and be wireless enabled? I have a monitor, keyboard etc... Just after a good unit. My budget is £400-450. Anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciated, Andy.

    Oh and not too bothered about Vista at the mo, if i can get a better deal with XP then that's fine. Thanks again.


    so you're not into self build then cos there's some real good component deals at present...particularly as you can make up several £30 plus orders at ebuyer and get a tenner deduction on each using google checkout.

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    Hi... I maybe yeh... What do you recommend? Never done a self build but im sure it would go alright, got a mate who knows about it so could enlist his help.…DIM

    take a look on the Dell outlet..there are some really good preference is for a 9200 Core 2 base unit....look for those with a 7900GS graphics card

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    Will have a look now, cheers.…572

    there was some good advice on this post ..then the guy went and bought one off ebay.

    and go through quidco for 4.5% cashback
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