WANTED - PC Memory 1 x DDR PC2700 1Gb and 2 x SDRAM, PC100 x 1 and 2 x SDRAM, PC133 of 256mb each.

    Hi i am looking to buy some memory as cheapily as possible to update our 3 pc's in our office which is a registered charity. moneywise i would appreciate sensible offers but please dont offer to donate or feel the need to donate. ill be happy to pay, just make me a sensible and good offer, Thanks.

    As listed above,

    Need DDR PC2700,DDR PC3200 x1 of 1gb

    and SDRAM, PC100 x1 of 256mb each

    SDRAM, PC133 again 2 x 256mb


    I've got 2 512mb PC133 registered sd ram and one 512mb sdr sdram if they are of any good to you

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    Zeus9876 thanks for your post but we have 2 rather old pc's which only take 256mb each and the 3rd Pc is the newest one ( well 5years old now!) which accepts upto 1gb per slot but accespts only DDR type ram. AThanks for your post tho.

    SnowTiger if i dont get any other offers on here, ill certainly take a look on play, thanks

    anyone else?

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    Ebay might be your best bet for the older stuff, I doubt many stores will sell it now, obviously if anybody has some to sell on here, that might be even better. Alternatively you could always try any schools/businesses in your local area who may have some old equipment that they need to get rid of, they may have some old computers that they'd be willing to let you take the memory from before they get scrapped. I worl in a school, and I know we've got loads of old pc's that we're going to have to pay to scrap, but I think they're even older than what you've got, and from what I remember only had 64MB, 128MB at the most. They're just gathering dust in the boiler room as the school has to pay to have them removed and they're too tight!
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