Wanted - PHP Download Script

    I hope I'm OK asking if anyone know of a script that will do this !!

    Ideally I'd like a simple form that the end user enters:
    their name,
    email address

    On submission the email adderss is validated and a download link is emailed to them AND I get an email of their name, company, email address and IP address.

    Following the link in the email they can download the software..(hopefully I could track the download)

    What would be really nice is if the link could be unique for that user/email address. So if they gave it someone else it wouldn't work !!

    I'm sure there must be a ready built script like that.. but I;ve spent days now searching...

    Any ideas on that !!


    Try jmail, its run on either asp (I prefer) or java, this can be easy link to php

    Original Poster

    Thanks. Could find exactly what I wanted. so I wrote it myself !!
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