Wanted: Pre-activated iPhone sim for use in Nokia 3g phone

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Found 27th Jun 2009
Just had my free browsing cancelled by O2 because of not using the sim in an iPhone. Is it possible to get one that has been activated in an iPhone and then use it in a Nokia? If so, how much?


I believe this is what o2 do. If your surfing gets too high, and they randonly check the imei numbers. As they have access to all the iphone imei numbers as soon as it comes to thieir attention they turn it off. I have had one turned off so far. But I know it was because I used it too much.

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Definitely not the reason for me as I did not use it very much. However you have to top it up with £10 to get the bolt-on for free internet and I think you have to tell them what phone you are using so that they send the correct settings - I think I probably told them it was a Nokia - idiot. By the way I bought it from you!

I just top mine up with £10. I never talk to o2 or accept any settings. I use one in my spv c600 but don't use it for net access. I just liked the good number. and the others I use in dongles.

I bought mine off e-bay for £10 but it had £11.24 credit on it. It was activated in an iphone by the seller and I was using it in a SAmsung Omnia and also occasionally in an O2 3G dongle.
I used it for 3 months no problem but they have since cut it off.
My usage was not much - just a few MB a day - and many days it was nothing.

How could they tell it was not being used in an iphone? Does the IMEI get sent to them automatically?
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