Wanted - prehistoric pet Screature

    im desperate for one of these little dinos, i tried all over xmas with no joy, so i thought id have better luck in january in time for my sons birthday! but still cant find one anywhere, so if anyone could help me id really appreciate it x x


    HI is this what your after , I have no idea, trying to help

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    no its that one but they havent got any near me or upto 50 miles away!

    Tazx;7493308 no its that one but they havent got any near me or upto 50 miles away!

    They will deliver, think it's 5.90 , looks like a cool toy though:w00t:

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    its not in stock for delivery sadly! otherwise id have it! its on amazon for £80 and play for £90! cheeky sods! its rrp is only 34.99! thanks for responding xx

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    it looks great doesnt it, i want it for me really, like the go go hamsters! HA

    It may be worth buying from usa amazon and getting it shipped depends on your sons b'day
    here's a link…7X0

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    its loads cheaper in america! just shows this country rips us off haha

    Did you order that dino?

    go one saved in gainsborough if you want it. it is saved til wednesday

    One in stock in northampton.
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