Wanted - Printer that will print onto cd/dvd's

    As per the title I need a new printer that does cd's & dvd's as well as paper. Ideally it'll not be overly expensive on replacement inks. If anyone has anythink for sale, or knows of any good deals could you let me know. My 1st post so if I've made any mistakes please be gentle.


    I use Hp Photosmart C5280. Fantastic !

    I've used an Epson R200 for ages. Never had any problem and cheap cartridges too.

    I can highly recommend the Epson R265. I paid about £50ish for mine a year or so ago, and then bought a CISS system for about £30 - works perfect and ink costs next to nothing.

    i use an R300 epson. bought it 2nd hand for half price 2 years ago, it is still working good ... print on the dvd/cd is excellent just take care of it not bash the tray around and it'll last.

    ive got an epson with the ink cartridge system and its wonderful, you can hardly tell the difference between the printed discs and the real thing and as it prints directly onto the disc theres no messing around trying to put sticky labels on. Make sure you get one that you can add the CISS on to as that will save you a fortune in ink, you can still get them new but they are getting harder to find, so you might have to look on ebay. Im not sure if SVP sell them.

    ] has the ciss for £19.99 inc vat
    Epson Photo R200 / R300 / R220 / R320 / R340 CISS System #1623 but worth looking around as you might get it cheaper.

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    Thanks for the replies folks - odd that there's nobody recommending a canon printer - always thought they were cracking printers. All I need to do now is find a good epson/ HP at a good price. Quite like the look of the epson with the ink system. I'll have a look about and maybe post in the forsale/trade section (can I have a similar post in 2 sections??) and see if I can find something suitable at a good price.
    And other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

    I would say pretty much any of the Epson R range. If you are printing a lot get the CISS, or if thats overkill, the compat cartridges are cheap (about £1 each, but each printer has 6-8 cartridges).

    I would avoid HP as ink is very expensive (compared to epson).

    I have a Canon MP600 and can highly recommend it. It produces great results, and the cartridges are cheap too - as low as 50p. I got mine from ebay as a Canon refurb and cost around £45.

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    Thanks to everyone for your help on this. I've just got an Epson r285 and I'm gonna order up the ciss for it once I've had a play with it and I'm sure it works etc.
    Thanks again for all the help. Only £50 for the printer brand new too.
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