Wanted Pro Duo Memory Card.

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Found 7th Jun 2008
Im after a 64/128/256 duo memory card of any make, I need the longer type for the old sony cameras if you know what I mean?
Want it as cheap as possible.


What's the cheapest you have found them for?

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A 128mb was sold on here for £2 but I missed it so just hoping to get a bargain like this, dont want to spend silly money as its just for an old camera my Mum uses.

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I have a 256mb kingston SD card I can trade if anyone needs it?


just buy the smaller ones and use the adaptor...

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Mate, just buy the smaller ones and use the adaptor...

Thanx raj_007, hopefully I wont have to as someone might have one

Because you want the longer one, that means you should be looking for Memorystick pro, not pro duo (which is the smaller one). I found mymemory had the best prices when looking a few months ago

Got a 512mb m2 card and an adaptor to convert it to a long memory stick pro.

£5.50 delivered

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Isnt M2 the really small card, have you got a pic with adaptor?

Yep is the small one

You'll have two uses with it - as a m2 and a memory stick pro :thumbsup:

Pics in about 5 mins


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