Found 19th Apr 2008
I have a ps3 and traded my ps2 in a while back but thought i would like to go back and play some old games i am looking for a PS2 slimline chipped or to buy a slimline and fit the chip myself what is the best chip around?
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i have ps2 swap magic and the old fat slide card if your intreted

i have ps2 swap magic and the old fat slide card if your intreted

not sure exactly what they are
Swap Magic 3 has better compatibility, and supports all PS2 models, including PSTwo SCPH-70000. Swap Magic 3 allows you to boot up your own application or game software CDs and DVDs on your PS2 console. Swap Magic 3 MUST be used with easy no-soldier mod-chip -OR- Slide Tool / Flip Top Cover. Swap Magic 3 is the perfect solution for playing backups. Avoid dangerous modifications to your game console! Don't wait for the latest PS2 games to be released in your country! You only have to swap the disc ONCE even with DVD games! Easy operation!

No modification on your Playstation 2 console. It does not void your warranty.
Easy installation
Better Compatibility
It can launch program from memory card
Supports all PS2 Models including the latest one: SCPH-70000
Enables playing play CD/DVD import and backup on PS2
Must work together with non solder mod-chip, Slide Tool or Flip Top Cover.
I must agree, just buy the swap magic and you can fit some tiny plastic parts onto the ps2, allowing you to run backups.

Info about swap magic: swapmagic3.com/Swa…htm

Info about fitting the small plastic parts: swapmagic3.com/Mag…pdf

It's all external so no need to open the ps2 and it works just as a boot disc from then onwards.

It's really straightforward.
i have a chipped ps2 which does not need swap magic. it is chipped inside and plays copied games perfectly. it comes with 30 games
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