Wanted : PS3 for less than £200

Right, I've had a 360 for a long time now and been very happy with it, but I'm a big sports fan who craves a good golf game; and Tiger Woods is utter poo, in my humble opinion. So, being a mental, I am now after a PS3 in time to play Everybody's Golf 2.

I'm not rolling in money so the most I could afford would be £200 - I would only pay this for an absolutely perfect deal though, as I've just seen a 20gb PS3 with two games and a Bluray film go on AVforums for £180, which I am absolutely gutted about. I had no idea you could get a PS3 for a price like that.

Anyway, all I'm looking for is a fully working PS3, decent condition, as few scratches as possible. Preferably less than 12 months old but not essential. Hard drive size I don't care about, region I don't care about (UK is a bonus but not too worried). I don't particularly want any games or Blurays bundled with it as I'm buying the PS3 in preparation for future games, as I've said, but I'll consider anything.

I've not done this kind of thing before but I have an eBay account you're free to check out (message me for details) and a Paypal account (which is how I'd want to pay, either that or cash on collection depending on where you live).

Thanks a lot.


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Sorry, forgot to say, I will pay over £200 if the full Rock Band package is included. Thanks!

Hey JB, glad you found your way onto HDUK.

I recommended Jack to here so whilst he has only joined, I have known him a while and was the one who encouraged him into getting a PS3

Good luck - I'll keep an eye out for you too...

The Rock Band game is like about £100+ on its own lol. It be quite tough to get a PS3 for that price, if you could id buy one now lol. Thought about possibly trading in your 360 for one?

No chance...


No chance...

Wrong... there have been some going sub £200 on AVF...:roll:

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Sorry if I haven't explained that addon bit very well; I want to pay less than £200 for a PS3 on it's own (one went on AVF today for £180, including two games and a Bluray movie) - BUT I'd pay around £300 if it came with the whole Rock Band kit and kaboodle.

I wouldn't trade the 360 in because I'm on it every day and I'm suspecting that the PS3 won't last long in my possession... But once I saw that PS3 go for £180 with games today, I've got my heart set on one. It will be worth it for Rock Band and Everybody's Golf alone.


Whats AVF?? Sounds like I need to check it out!!!!!! ;-)

AV Forum!


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I know, to say I was kicking myself after it went is an understatement. I offered £200 in the end but he'd already concluded the sale. :-(

Its Jack Bauer;1619212

I know, to say I was kicking myself after it went is an understatement. I … I know, to say I was kicking myself after it went is an understatement. I offered £200 in the end but he'd already concluded the sale. :-(

Aah, that would be me that bought the £180 AV Forums one :oops: :-D

£180 with Call of Duty 3, GRAW 2 and Open Season Blu Ray. It's a 20GB HK version, but it plays US Blu Rays, which is what I wanted it for really :thumbsup:

Keep your eye out on eBay - I've seen a few 20GB versions on BIN £200 - they go pretty quickly, but if you see one local to you, you might be able to knock them down a bit and pay cash on collection.

its £140 in japan for a 40gb ps3 and in white.

just pay over 200 mate

Price drop coming soon so hold out until april
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