Wanted - replacement bluray covers/sleeves

    Ok not sure if ill get help but ill give it a shot.

    I recently bought some blurays from CEX online. unfortunately either they had the cases nicked or they bought them in with no covers or fake ones. anyway they sold them to me and i really hate having non official covers.

    So can anyone tell me if i can get replacments, even if they cost money?

    or if someone has any of these blurays and a scanner if they can email me them so i can print them out.

    Mamma Mia
    Saw VI
    The Invention of Lying
    Bridge To Terabithia
    Meet The Spartans

    most came from the Leeds branch so i think they have sonme dodgy people there.


    Original Poster

    im sure ive checked them but they tend to have custom covers, i want the proper ones. and if they are proper usually american, too thin on the spines.

    yeah checked all rubbish, someone must have covers they can scan and email?
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