Wanted replacement heelys wheels!

Found 18th Nov 2007
Does anyone know where i can buy cheap Heelys replacement wheels?

I bought my daughter some heelys 6 months ago and after 4 the axle went on one. I have looked all over the internet and in the uk(including ebay) they all cost around £20-£25. I begrude paying this when you can buy them really cheap in America, just bought my younger 2 daughters the shoes £50 for 2 pairs including the shipping.

I have been trying to get the wheels cheap on American ebay but even though the wheels are cheap the shipping isn't. I have come across the medium size which including postage is around £10 but i need the small which with postage is around £18.

The medium is a 38 mm wheel and the small 36 mm. Does anyone know if the medium will fit in a shoe that takes a small(according to chart on heelys.com)?

Hope this all makes sense!
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