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Found 31st Dec 2009
I am off to Australia and New Zealand for 6 weeks in March and as an alternative to renting a sat nav with the car hire (charges are extortionate) I thought it may be better to buy one before we go and then sell it when we come back on Ebay or something.

Does anyone know where I can buy one which we can use in Australia and in New Zealand.

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You should be able to buy the maps to go onto Tom Toms

Or just turn a British one upside down...:thumbsup:
we brought a navman sd card for the u.s when we went to florida, it just slotted into our navman sat nav got this off the navman site, i bet they do them for Australia etc.
New Zealand and Australia's road are so much better sign posted than ours, you can't go wrong really. Happy New Year and have a lovely trip to God's Own Country it is paradise, remeber to see at least one Pacific Island I would recommend the Cook Islands! You will think you have died and gone to heaven.
Thanks, neither of us own a sat nav at the moment! Also, when we went this year we did get terribly lost, it took us 3 hours to drive less than 5 miles trying to find an Aunt and Uncles house in the centre of Brisbane (got stuck going round and round the one way system)!

So, we still need to find one. I know you can hire them over here to take with you but it is coming in at just over £60 and I thought we could get one to buy for not much more, any suggestions welcome.

We looked into going to the Cook Islands but it was far too expensive, and we don't have enough time, although I would have loved to go.
Why not buy a Sat Nav in Australia as it will be cheaper if you buy duty free in airport and it will come with supplied maps for Australia.
If you buy in UK you will also have to buy maps for Australia = so will work out more expensive!
Hi, I've been looking into this and my problem is that the sat nav's are working out quite expensive to buy here or over there (I went last year for 5 weeks and yes, everything was very expensive). I would really like a Tom Tom as these are what most car hire companies used when we went to Australia and NZ last year and I found them really reliable. As I understand it even if I were to borrow my parents Tom Tom sat nav, and buy the maps to download they are about £40 for NZ and £40 for Oz. The other alternative I was looking at was to hire one from zintech which have quoted £63.33 for the 6 weeks hire with up to date maps for Oz and NZ.

What do people think?

Oh, to answer another question, we need the sat nav from the moment we arrive in Melbourne at 11pm as we will be driving to my cousin and have no idea where we are going, so we will need to take one with us.
I bought a Navigo for about £50..
The system will accept TomTom software, which can be found online, if I were that way inclined.. The Maps can also be found online, to download onto a SD card, along with TomTom...It would of course not be totally legal.....

You could get route directions from Googlemaps to direct you to your brothers house, printed out.

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