Wanted Sat Nav - suggestions/advice

I am looking to get a Sat Nav for my husband and am finding it all too difficult.

He is quite particular and would like something that meets the following criteria...

New, not second hand;
4.3 screen (not the 3.5 ones);
Widescreen if poss;
7 / 8 character postcode search;
Points of interest;
Speed camera database;
MP3 player/Bluetooth;
Under £100.

If anyone has any suggestions or links it would be appreciated.

Thanks Julie :-)


Try ebuyer they seem to do a lot under £100, maybe not with all your specs but near enough

Try this Garmin, i absolutely swear by it!


Use code: HALGAR200W to take it to £99.99

Has all you want apart from bluetooth/mp3 - do you really need this, as it means you might need to have it plugged in to the cig lighter for th whole journey. And will he really you those features!

If you want europe maps as well, go for the Garmin nuvi 250w - but its a little more.

Hope this helps

Get a Navigo for £59.99 from here :


You can easily put Tomtom V6 on it with ALL maps !!! :thumbsup:

It also plays MP3 & Divx Video !!! :thumbsup:

That's a 3.5" screen Mecoconuts

The 4.3" Widescreen version is £89.99


Garmins are good in my experience..

either get a tomtom or a garmin, ive got a tomtom from when they 1st came out 1 of the big fat 1's and it is still great, i use the garmin on my phone now though as its easier than carrying the tomtom around but both are great
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