Wanted: SD card with New Zealand Maps for TomTom

Found 4th Feb 2010
For anyone that has read my previous thread, I was looking for a Sat Nav for when I go to Oz/Nz this March. I've now borrowed a TomTom with an SD card slot and borrowed a friends card at work which has Oz maps on them, but I still need the NZ ones. Does anyone know of where to get the NZ maps on SD card cheap, or would any kind HUKD members be willing to lend me their SD card for 6 weeks when I go away. I know this is a big ask!


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the newer tomtom maps are locked to a particular device so they won't work on another tomtom.
they use a metafile to validate the device code. so borrowing a map won't work unless the metafile is altered to match your device code
The TomTom I've borrowed is a TomTom Go 510 if that helps. I've realised from my thread that the SD card I've borrowed says on it it is for a TomTom ONE. Do you know if this is compatible? Thanks, any help apprechiated.

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