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Found 5th Mar 2009

Hopefully someone can help.. or ALL of you..

I dont the Twilight softemod on my Wii last night, but when trying to burn the game it wasnt working, but i was doing this on a DVD-RW... apparently, the wii will only read off certain games. (i know the game was okay, as i was the correct size)..

So im wondering, instead of me having to buy different packs of DVD-r's.. if you guys and gals would like to send me 1 single DVD-R, im happy to pay 25p via PP gift for each one..? (cover stamp cost if you want)...

If you can, and happy to send it, please post the DVD-R you will send, as i need them all different, and as soon as one works, i can then buy them in bulk..

hope this makes sense,.. and hope you all can spare 1 DVD-R... (unless you know which i need to use of course?)



pick up Verbatim DVD-Rs. This will solve your problem. You cant go wrong with these. Tried and tested. If you STILL have problems after this your problem might lie elsewhere, like burning procedure / softmod probs etc

Hi mate aint got any spare ones but you deffo need dvd-rs I've used tdk's and verbatims both worked fine you should be able to buy 25 cheap enough on the internet I buy mine from ]here

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okay.. well can you guys please confirm i done everything right...

- did the twlight hack buy walking backwards to the dude..
- installed a few wad files.. and the starfall patch
then installed the backup manager channel..

thats all i need to do innit. then pop in my "game" and load it up.. so you reckon it was cus i was using a DVD-RW then?.. hhmmm.. okay cheers.. may try that tonight.. would poundstore DVD-R's be okay to test on...?

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oh.. also does it have to be "-" or can it be a "+".. cus it was DVD+RW i was using.. not "-" like i keep saying (sorry, outta habit)

deffo DVD-R. Never +. You can prob even use DVD-RW if your lucky. Most Wiis will not read + discs AFAIK

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Cheers kristianity77..... that might be why it wont work....

also... AFAIK??????.....


oh.. also does it have to be "-" or can it be a "+".. cus it was DVD+RW i … oh.. also does it have to be "-" or can it be a "+".. cus it was DVD+RW i was using.. not "-" like i keep saying (sorry, outta habit)

Mine certainly plays the verbatim + discs no prob :thumbsup:Never tried a RW though.

You should ask all these questions in "Misc" first, and only post this thread when you know exactly what you want.


^^ As thesaint says... moving to misc.

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sorry.. im unsure about this.. cus last time i posted in Misc.. and The Saint goes should be in Sale/Trade... hhhmmm.. i though i knew what i wanted though.. DVD-R's at 25p...?

ah well.. sorry!!!

(also... can anyone explain a few things for me please.. or where i can read it:

- what do these orange blobs under my name mean.. as i see i have more that some people who have more posts than me?..
-whats rep, and why do i care about that?..
- and why do my blobs says im a jewel in the rough or whatever?...
- whats a pilot, and why am i always one.. why cant it be changed...?

cheers for the help guys!

ive used maxell and memorex dvd-r with imgbrn and had no problems at all. i still have some maxells if you wanna try one.

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i think ill go to poundstore and try it, as it seems any DVD-R should work... but thatnks for the offer.. REP added... (dunno what it is, but ill add it,.. hope its useful to you)

Cheers Ears~!

I use Tesco branded DVD-R x8 speed and not had any coasters yet, I brought these cos i needed thm the same day and they were cheap and i am well inpressed.
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