WANTED Sister Act 1&2 DVD

    Hey all, i am after sister act 1&2 on dvd. Where is the best/cheapest place to buy? I am willing to buy used as long as they are in good condition. rep will be added for all who help. Many Thanks Taryn x


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    4.99 at hmv for … 4.99 at hmv for boxset

    Thanks :thumbsup:

    no probs dont forget quidco if you have an account

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    yeh i do thanks I am also a collector of Jolie films, looking to get good prices on them also lol :P

    no probs name them and ill do the search

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    Well the ones i have are, girl interrupted, gia, taking lives, tomb raider, mr &mrs smith, i think thats it so far .... lol
    Not bothered if theyre brand new or not, just as long as they in good cond.... Thanks again

    i liked taking lives pretty good a few others of hers are wanted (havent seen it yet)and the bone collecter (which i love),

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    yeh taking lives is brill, i want bone collector and wanted, also, tomb rader 2, beowolf, challenging thats new i think, errrrm not sure what others there is, girl interrupted is my fav film ever! lol

    bone collecter 3.99
    wanted 4.98 at amazon as long as order is over 5 pounds for free delivery
    tomb raider boxset 1 and 2 4.98 at amazon (looked for 2 on its own but pretty much same price as the boxset) maybe you could sell 1 on ebay or something
    beowolf 3.93 at the hut
    challenging not released till 30th but its 11.99 at cd wow and there is always 1pound off vouchers floating around

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    WOW Thanks so much, if i cud rep you again i would... if theres anything you need help with just give ma a shout :o)

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    That face was supposed to be a smile! hahaha

    no probs i love finding deals on dvds for people all my mates phone me and say is this a good price and takes me two seconds to find best price for them im a dvdholic i have over 1000 dvds im addicted to buying them never gonna have enough time to watch them all hee hee

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    lmfao! i only just got a tele and dvd in my room just after crimbo, so im a new collector lol i quite fancy collecting the oldies like macbeth , pride and pred and them kinds.... its my new found obesession lol where on earth do you fit all them though im interested , under the sofa n that? lol

    i have 4 dvd bookcases but also alot of them are the small ones i get off guy in the pub

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    Brill!! Well i am off to bed now, hope u get to watch all your dvds haha, and thanks again for your help x

    no probs nite x
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