Wanted: SKY PLUS box. Mine has finally gone kaput!!!!

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Found 16th Mar 2009
Hiya folks...

Anyone selling a new/semi new SKY PLUS box?? My one has finally decided to pack up. Was considering buying a HD one but you still have to pay £10 a month to view HD. So I wreckon I'll stick to SKY PLUS for now.

Alternatively.... any one know where I can get a box as cheap as possible?

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Ta :thumbsup:

if ur coming to the end of your contract, ring sky and say u want to leave, as my sky box as packed up they will give it for free to keep u, did it a while back, worth a shot, only if ur nearing end of contract tho

theres a post on digitalspy (its stickied) telling you how to get your skyplus box replaced for free. its worked for loads of people (myself included) you get a new box and usually a new lnb as well plus you get a new 12 months warranty

mine broke i told them they wanted somthing like £50 to fix it i said never mind just cancel my account im not willing to pay they said they will do it free they were out within a week with a new box and ive had no probs with that one

Ive got one with a 250 gig hard drive

My sky plus box was playing up so i called them and they sent an engineer out to replace it as they had trouble with lots of them. Might be worth a call xx

From what I've seen in the past, you can still get a HD box for £49 without having to subscribe to the HD channels, it just works like a standard Sky+ box. If or when you want to receive the HD channels, you just get back in touch with sky and subscribe for the £10 per month, or whatever it is when the time comes.
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