wanted; SLR camera with a fab review, and top ish spec!

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Found 24th Oct 2009
i currently have a canon ixus but its not so good at night, we are going to egypt next year and would love a camera thats not too bulky, fab night time quality, a top rated all rounder, do you know which one i should get? would prefer about the £300 mark but thats negotiable, please help guys!!!!

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Sorry, top-ish spec is going to set you back £800+ (and that's being a bit loose with the term top-ish).

£300 doesn't get much in SLR land but if you're going to compare a bottom end SLR with what you're used to from a compact then it's still going to seem like it's from another planet. It's all to do with sensor size and cross pixel interference and other technical stuff.

Anyway, taking at heart your proviso that whatever it is mustn't be bulky, and that all SLRs will seem very bulky when compared to an Ixus you're really looking at a 4/3 system camera (because the slightly reduced sensor size leads to a smaller camera all round) and in this price range that means Olympus.

For example, the E450 with 14-42 lens (equivalent to a 28-84mm zoom in 35mm format) for £299.99 + £7.99 delivery from camerabox here ]http//ww…340

Although, if it were me I'd snap Park Cameras hands off for the E520 with 14-42 lens for £349.99 including delivery here parkcameras.com/948…tml because of the camera body's built in sensor shift image stabilisation which works with any compatible 4/3 lens that you attach.

Both provide great quality in a (for an SLR) compact size.

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thank yopu for this - much appreciated!
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