wanted some one who fixes ghd

    hi my ghds have just broke and need them fixing of someones any help i am n blackpool thanks


    Might help if you put piccys up and described exactly what is broken.

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    when i was using them they were makin a sizzling noice and it look liked steam coming from them i hav since pluged them back in and now there is no power and i have changed the fused and nothing

    If there out of warranty, they are pretty easy to fix if you have soldering skills, I had to replace a R8 resistor on my Mums took about 10 minutes

    Do you usually wrap the lead around the GHDs when they are not in use?

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    i did but my hubby told me not to do that

    Sensible man, I was going to suggest it is a break in the mains lead which usually occurs when the lead is wrapped around a lot, but if you don't do that then I can't really advise what it is without seeing them.

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    lol do u fix them

    For the sake of 2 and a half quid, take a look at item number 120600107554.
    There is even a video showing how to change it.

    Just make doubly sure you are getting the right cable for your model.
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