WANTED; someone to play gears of war co-op on insane mode

    Hi, a bit of a strange one this but im looking for someone who is interested in playing a co-op campaign on insane mode on GEARS OF WAR 2. Any offers welcome thanks.



    i would if not for the lovely gift of RROD I got last night :-(

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    thats a shame, let me know if you get it fixed(gamer tag - talcyboy).

    I can when i get time if you like ...yes im the girl in the picture but dnt let that fool you ive just finished it on hardcore was **** easy apart from a couple of places i had to repeat once or twice loved it though and didnt take too long. am on a course this weekend but can maybe play evenings providing my xbox live subscription doesn't run out :P add me if you like and let me know when your on and ll try and be on too im usually free on a day and after 10 at night sometimes earlier if arranged my gamertag is Princess Bullit :thumbsup: Send me a pm if your interested im not on at the moment i have a tummy ache (awh petal)


    got a new xbox last night but see your sorted now...will add u anyway mate for a game of something else sometime

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    no problem cheers
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