Wanted - Sony C905 mobile phone

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Found 23rd Jan 2009
Cheapest i've seen one for is £359.99 at play.com

anyone seen them cheaper?

would prefer to buy new....



holy ****, how much? does it do the housework too


holy ****, how much? does it do the housework too

Lol Sassie you crack me up!



Lol Sassie you crack me up!

£300 for a chuffin phone, didnt even know they existed at that price :w00t:

Sassie if you think thats pricey you should take a peek at ebay Item number: 170291331855 the vertu constellation phone. Andd yes it is just a phone!

Original Poster

i got a real good deal on contract

£40 a month for 12 months
600 minutes
a few hundred texts
FREE c905
4 months free
£320-£50 quidco=£270

silly me went n lost it but it was insured and since they cannot give me a new phone i'm getting a refund of £359.99


Really bad phone - the screen cracks easily and unless you have tiny fingers the top row of keys are a pain to press because of the screen bit which slides back. The sat nav thing on it is very slow to update, even in central London, and will cost you £45 per year once the free 3 months runs out.

Phone is **** hot for photographs!
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