Wanted: Sony Ericsson C902 mobile phone!

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have Sony Ericsson C902 mobile phone for sale? Preferably in good condition (boxed with cables, unwanted upgrade?) and compatible with an 02 sim card?

    I accidently dropped my C902 in a pint of beer earlier on this week (don't ask!) and would like to get a new one ASAP.

    I can pay instantly by PayPal and have a 200+ positive feedback on eBay.




    i have one for sale on ere m8

    Original Poster

    Nice one. =D

    Can you describe the condition? Is it unlocked? Photos of it at all?

    And how much money are you looking for?


    sorry it has now been sold


    Brand new unopened C902 I can sell, it's generic so will fit any sim card (therefore your 02 one). I can provide pictures on request. Contact me to negotiate price.


    i dont think you have 1 of these for sale and youve just created this acount 2 rip some 1 off hense your name shaundrew beware


    garethquilt - i've actually just geniunely started a profile *just* to sell the C902. Honestly.

    Shuandrew if your still interested the offer is on the table, it will be going on to ebay if i can't find a buyer from this site or other forum sites.

    Once again pictures on request.


    If your interested could you get back to me by 2moro, i'm going to start a new thread otherwise i'm going to have to brave the murky waters of ebay

    I have one for sale

    only a week old got it on a upgrade

    contact me if you are interested

    hey ive got a c902 for sale on o2 its a unwanted up grade box is only opened to check the phone was in there...nothing else has been taken out the packaging...£185 plus p&p
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