Wanted: Sony Ericsson K850i

    Im looking to get the Sony Ericsson K850i on Pay as you go or sim free. I already have a contract and a nokia N95, dont like it much. Would prefer something a little simpler and user friendly

    Does anyone know of anywhere thats cheap?

    **forgot to mention im on O2


    dude, the best thing to do is, try to do a quick search on
    [url][/url] for special offers,
    if you do not find any,
    just go to
    [url][/url] and type soney ericsson k850 price comparison,
    and google will automaticly do a search for you and find you the best resault.. (dont forget to tick google uk)
    after trying that
    you can than try [url][/url] which is a quick search for items, its basicly a search engine from google itself, in there you can put items, brand, models and it will automaticly find you the best price..

    hope that helped,
    Kind regards,

    ebay your best bet. i been looking for a friend, you can catch one brand new for £150 and less if you patient

    I have a brand new one for sale if you are interested?

    It is unlocked so will be compatiable with any network.

    £200 inc. P&P?
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