WANTED: Sony W910i Mobile phone on 02 PAYG (pref black)

    Hey guys, been looking around for one of these phones for my daughter for xmas.
    I've saw a couple on ebay for around £90 - £95 but as it's for xmas i'd rather buy from a shop. The cheapest i can find is £99.99 but the retailers that i have came across are all out of stock at that price. Can anyone point me in the right direction please to a damn good deal on one of these phones.
    A billion thanks in advance.


    try O2 online, the 02 shop in solihull west mids had them for 99.99, i got one from woolies online for 99.99 with free speakers for my son but i wouldnt use woolies now due to them going bust dont know if they have them in shop, they are doing a deal buy a phone for 49.99 or more and get a 20 giftcard hope this helps…tml

    Its on vodafone but im sure u can unlocked it if u call them . someone else on here will be able to confirm?

    with free speakers

    Buy it on any network, and then use a device like this under the SIM card to use on the network of your choosing:…480

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help so far

    Although i'm very tempted to buy it on voda for that price i'm going to give it a miss, i'd rather have it specificaly for 02 just in case things go wrong as it's going to be a present.

    Still looking and appreciate any new finds,
    Thanks again

    Original Poster

    Managed to get one for £99.99 with next day delivery from the link and i used the voucher from here that gave me £11 off that price so £88.99 all in.
    Sods law though i found it a little bit cheaper a couple of minutes later at dixons.
    £99.99 from dixons and use the 10MOBILE code for a tenna off and VAT3 code which takes it down to £87 delivered.
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