wanted :spotfly premium account ??

    just tried to access spotfly through my newly accired ipod touch and it says you need to be premium account to access from mobile can anyone help ??


    You have to pay for a premium account.

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    thanks for that didnt realise its £9.99 per month i thought there might be some free codes kicking about :oops:

    no free codes for premium spotify =[


    no free codes for premium spotify =[

    hopefully one day there will be a good offer on


    hopefully one day there will be a good offer on

    i think unlimited free music for 9.99 a month is a pretty good offer in itself (they have almost all my favourite albums!) i only use the free service though, silly annoying ads

    Think It's a brilliant service to be honest, unlimited streaming from many mobile devices, and 3333 track downloads for the price of just over one album a month! Quite tempted to to pay for it once O2's 3G coverage gets a bit better.. :thumbsup:
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