Wanted - Spyro The Dragon 1+2 for Playstation 1.

    Hi all, im after the above titles (Spyro The Dragon and Spyro 2 - Gateway to Glimmer).

    I am looking for the game to be boxed with instructions if possible, but can be either original releases or the platinum re-releases, as long as they are UK games and official.

    will pay £10 for the pair, or £5 each.



    Why u paying so much??

    Are they going for a lots or something??

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    Why u paying so much??Are they going for a lots or something??

    i didnt think i was paying a lot - they are old PS1 games, but i loved playing them both so much, and its been ages since last played them, thought £5 each was standard. if someone wants less thats cool with me.

    Spyro 1 is available in US PS3 store, but not UK one - and Spyro 2 is no longer in the UK store - they were £3.49 then which id have downloaded no problem.

    Can anyone help? they go for around £5 each on ebay but i hate bidding on there.

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    you can close this or mark expired etc - no help on here at all.

    luckily i searched for spyro not just by title but also in description, and found a joblot of 8 ps1 games that luckily i got cheap, £11 inc postage for Spyro 1, Spyro 2, Oddworld, Wipeout, Rollcage II, 2Xtreme, World Snooker and EA Motorcross 2000.

    i was happy to pay a tenner for the spyro games since they are so good, so 6 other titles for £1 is decent.
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