wanted - steam generator iron

I am looking to buy a decent steam generator iron, mine has recentlly packed in, so need a new one.
Looking to spend £50-£60.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



Have a look on the shopping channel websites. [url]www.pricedrop.tv[/url] I got one for £23

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thanks for all your help...
does anyone have one they would recommend ?

Most of the online reviews are for the most expensive models @ £100+. We use a Polti which we have had for years and was fairly new on the market when we bought it and cost £199. I think other manufacturers now make, if not better, then easier to use steam generators.

There are so many models now @ such a range of prices, it might be an idea to look in your local reference library @ Which magazine for the best buy for the cheaper models.

When our Polti eventually gives up we will off to our local library too.
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